World’s highest resolution satellite crop analysis

The world’s highest resolution commercial satellites are now at the disposal of Australian farmers and agronomists, with Eden PA announcing the availability of a range of extremely precise and accurate yet affordable satellite analysis services.

Eden PA offers a range of high-quality satellite analysis services, which provide accurate and practical information that farmers and agronomists can use to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Eden PA is excited to announce that these services are now available at ground resolutions as sharp as 31cm per pixel – the most precise satellite imagery commercially available. Resolutions of 46cm, 1.24m and 1.84m are also available, with the data including measurements in the visible, red-edge, near-infrared and shortwave infrared parts of the spectrum, making it useful for a wide range of potential crop and pasture analysis and environmental monitoring applications.

This level of precision enables high resolution mapping and analysis of not only broadacre crops and pastures, but also orchards and even vineyards, where the 10m resolution imagery commonly used for broadacre crops and pastures will not provide enough detail. Below are a few sample images in 46cm resolution.

World's highest resolution satellite crop and pasture analysis

World's highest resolution satellite orchard analysis

World's highest resolution satellite vineyard analysis

While drones can capture imagery at higher resolutions than is currently possible using satellites, imagery acquired using drones is typically much more expensive and much less accurate compared to Eden PA’s satellite analysis services. Eden PA can also provide lower resolution satellite data from dates up to 40 years into the past, making it possible to conduct long-term analysis of years or even decades of operations and changes.

Eden PA uses sophisticated software and research-based methods to process satellite data. All imagery is first radiometrically corrected to compensate for atmospheric effects, variations in solar irradiance and other interfering factors, and then processed to create colour-coded maps of a target area using a variety of spectral indices commonly used in crop and pasture analysis. This high-resolution data can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Detailed and up-to-date visible spectrum (i.e. RGB) mapping of farm property and infrastructure;
  • Analysis of biomass, crop vigour and crop stress in horticultural settings and for sparse vegetation;
  • Estimation of chlorophyll concentrations and photosynthetic rates;
  • Estimation of foliage cover (i.e. Leaf Area Index);
  • Estimation of soil moisture and detection of waterlogged areas;
  • Detection and assessment of crop damage due to pests or diseases, e.g. phytophthora

Images can be obtained for one or more specific dates, for example before and after a specific event or change, allowing for instantaneous measurements or evaluation of changes over a period of time. Alternatively, Eden PA can establish an ongoing monitoring program focusing on a target region of interest.

Eden PA is able to offer these satellite analysis services at market-leading rates, with pricing designed to be affordable for even the smallest farms, while not breaking the bank when it comes to much larger properties. With the introduction of these new high resolution options, Eden PA has also significantly reduced the standard prices for 10m and 30m satellite analysis services.

Contact Eden PA for more information, or request a quote online.

Note: The resolution of a satellite image refers to the size of each pixel in metres on the ground. In a 10m resolution image, each pixel covers a ground surface area of 10m x 10m = 100m2 in total, while each pixel in a 31cm resolution image covers an area of 31cm x 31cm = 961cm2. For every pixel in a 10m resolution image, a 31cm resolution image will contain 1,040 pixels – or 1,040 times the level of detail as the 10m resolution image. Higher levels of detail (e.g. 31cm resolution) are required for analysis of crops which have gaps between plants and soil or grass, for example orchards and vineyards, in order to avoid interference from the “non-crop” parts of the image. Lower resolutions (e.g. 10m or 30m) are suitable for pastures and broadacre crops.

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