Beta testing begins on GeoGraze

GeoGraze is a new high-resolution online satellite pasture monitoring service, scheduled to launch in mid-2020.

Beta testing is now underway on GeoGraze – a new online high-resolution pasture monitoring service.

GeoGraze has been designed to provide accurate estimates of feed on offer (FOO) in kg DM/ha, along with pasture growth rates (PGR) in kg DM/ha/day, based on analysis of 10m resolution satellite imagery. It will also include a suite of tools to help with planning grazing rotations and day-to-day pasture management. The intention is for GeoGraze to fill the gap created by the recent closure of the Pastures From Space Plus service, with improvements in accuracy and a few additional features also thrown in.
GeoGraze is scheduled for commercial launch in mid-2020. For updates, check out GeoGraze on Twitter or Facebook.

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