About Eden PA


Eden Precision Agriculture (ABN 63 106 469 909) provides data processing and mapping solutions, analysis and monitoring services for crops, pastures, orchards and vineyards using the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite imagery, and expert advice to help farmers improve their operations through the introduction or implementation of precision agriculture techniques and technologies.

Based in western Sydney, Eden PA provides services for farms and agronomists anywhere in Australia. While most precision agriculture consultants target their services and pricing structures toward larger properties, Eden PA can address the unique needs of these markets by providing more cost-effective solutions for the smaller enterprises widespread throughout these regions. Eden PA’s customers enjoy smaller minimum area requirements, lower minimum prices, and zero travel surcharges for properties located within 60km of Penrith, NSW.

Eden PA is a member of the Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA), a leading advocate for PA in Australia. SPAA’s mission is to facilitate research, extension and the adoption of precision agriculture, and Eden PA is proud to support SPAA in these endeavours. Look out for Eden PA at upcoming SPAA events in your area.

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