Research & Development

Eden PA's research & development program is your guarantee of quality work and reliable advice.
Eden PA’s research & development program is your guarantee of quality work and reliable advice.

Academic Literature

Eden PA maintains subscriptions to a range of Australian and international academic journals focused on new developments in precision agriculture and environmental management. New articles are studied in depth alongside other related research, in order to identify immediate opportunities for Australian farmers in the short term, and predict future research and technology developments in the long term. This allows Eden PA’s customers to benefit immediately from the latest discoveries and developments around the world.

Whenever Eden PA’s Precision Agriculture Consultant comes across new research that could be of interest or immediate benefit to Australian farmers, this research is shared via the Eden PA Twitter feed and/or Facebook Page. To make sure you’re not missing out, follow Eden PA on Facebook or Twitter now.

Technology Development

Precision agriculture is driven by rapid developments in technologies that can be put to use on farms to improve productivity and efficiency. Eden PA is working on a number of automated systems designed to improve outputs while reducing costs and labour for small farms. In the near future it is anticipated that selected Eden PA customers will be invited to participate in pilot programs, to carry out on-farm tests of these systems before they are made available to the wider market. If you’re interested in participating, contact Eden PA.

Continuous Improvement

Businesses are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. Eden PA’s approach is focused on three strategies:

  • improve the quality of the service, by using new methods and algorithms to produce more accurate and reliable data and advice;
  • reduce the time it takes to provide the service, by automating workflows so that customers receive what they need when they need it;
  • keep the price of the service as low as possible, by minimising labour costs without compromising on quality or accuracy.

For more information, contact Eden PA.