Data & Mapping Services

Eden PA has a wide range of data and mapping services available, including the world’s highest resolution satellite imagery and analysis. These services are designed to help you better manage and interpret the data collected by your machinery, along with improving your understanding of how and why different parts of your paddocks perform better than others.

Remote Sensing & Imagery

Using data captured by the world’s highest resolution commercial satellites, Eden PA can provide the most detailed satellite analysis and monitoring services available on the market. With ground resolutions as sharp as 31cm per pixel, right through to broad-scale analysis at 30m per pixel, there are options available for crops of all types – from orchards and vineyards through to broadacre crops and pastures. Once-off analysis can be performed on a single image from a specific date, or longterm analysis can be conducted showing trends and changes over time. Ongoing monitoring programs are also available, allowing small problems to be detected before they become big ones.

Data Processing

Using sophisticated GIS software and interpolation methods, Eden PA can process and map the yield data collected by your machinery, and produce georeferenced maps you can put to use straight away. In the event that there are gaps or other anomalies in your data, Eden PA can clean your data to correct these errors, giving you a much more accurate and complete dataset for use in later processing and analysis.

Cleaned and processed yield data can then be used in a multi-season analysis of yield stability, which will allow for much greater accuracy in the establishment of management zones and the production of prescription maps. Eden PA can also undertake statistical comparison of cleaned and processed yield data against one or more other variables, for example soil moisture or nitrogen content, in order to find correlations and identify key influences on crop yield. This approach can also be applied to on-farm crop trials, effectively turning one of your paddocks into a temporary research experiment, in order to find ways to get more out of your soils, crops and inputs.

Digital Mapping

Accurate digital elevation maps allow better decisions to be made in efforts to manage land and water effectively, and Eden PA can prepare accurate contour maps for you using either your own 2cm-accurate RTK data or satellite data. To assist with planning and implementation of changes on your property, Eden PA can prepare digitised Property & Infrastructure maps, including paddock boundaries, fences, gates, roads, grids, tracks, dams, water points, creeks, buildings and smaller structures.

Spatial Analysis & Modelling

Using digital elevation maps and sophisticated GIS analysis techniques, Eden PA can model surface water flow patterns across your paddock or your entire property to identify risk areas for ponding, waterlogging and flooding. Similar methods can be used to analyse imagery captured by satellites, aircraft or drones to support short term decision-making and longterm planning.
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