Digital Mapping


Digital Elevation Mapping

Digital elevation maps are a computerised version of paper-based contour maps. Accurate elevation data allows better decisions to be made in efforts to manage water effectively, identify potential waterlogging risk areas, optimise design and placement of dams and irrigation, and design efficient tramlines for Controlled Traffic Farming systems.

Eden PA can use your own 2cm-accurate RTK data from any recent season to produce precise digital elevation maps for your paddocks. If you don’t have sufficient RTK data available, Eden PA can use satellite data to map your elevation at 30m intervals.

Property & Infrastructure Mapping

Georeferenced digital maps make it easier to accurately plan and implement changes on your farm, such as relocating essential infrastructure or implementing new precision agriculture technologies. Eden PA’s digitised Property & Infrastructure maps can be made to include any physical features distinguishable from high resolution satellite imagery, including paddock boundaries, fences, gates, roads, grids, tracks, dams, water points, creeks, buildings and smaller structures.
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