Digital Elevation Mapping using RTK data

Digital Elevation Mapping Using RTK Datapr


Creation of a high-resolution digital elevation model based on up-to-date RTK data from your own machinery.

Digital elevation maps are a computerised version of paper-based contour maps. Accurate elevation data allows better decisions to be made in efforts to manage water effectively, identify potential waterlogging risk areas, optimise design and placement of dams and irrigation, and design efficient tramlines for Controlled Traffic Farming systems.

Eden PA can use your own 2cm-accurate RTK data from any recent season to produce precise digital elevation maps for your paddocks. By using data from your own machinery, Eden PA can create very accurate contour maps without needing to visit your farm and conduct expensive and time-consuming surveys.

Eden PA’s georeferenced maps can be scaled to any size for printing or in further computer-aided spatial analysis. The maps can be viewed on any computer, without the need for any specialised software.


    Full-colour glossy A3 printed map
    Digital map provided by email and/or via Eden PA’s cloud service
    Digital map also provided on complimentary USB stick
    Free postage of all materials
Other printing options are also available – contact Eden PA for more information.

Bundle & Save

  • If paddock boundaries, fencelines and other infrastructure have been digitised, your data can be presented on a more detailed and useful map. Receive a discount on Digital Property & Infrastructure Maps if ordered at the same time as this service.



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