Yield Data Processing & Mapping

Data Processing & Mapping


Cleaning, processing and mapping of any provided yield data log.

Modern harvesters are capable of collecting a huge amount of data relating to yield quantity and quality, along with recording elevation and speed during operation. This information can be processed and mapped to better understand variability across paddocks and crops, and in turn to help guide decision-making both within a season and from one season to the next.

Yield data often contains errors, such as missing values or incorrect readings due to sensor drift or other interfering factors. Eden PA can clean your data to correct these errors, giving you a much more accurate and complete dataset for use in later processing and analysis.

Eden PA uses sophisticated GIS software and interpolation methods, presenting all of your data in georeferenced maps you can put to use straight away. Simply send your data files to Eden PA – either by email or using Eden PA’s cloud service – and you’ll get it back as full-colour digital and printed maps.



    Full-colour glossy A3 printed map
    Digital map provided via Eden PA’s cloud service
    Digital map also provided on complimentary USB stick
    Free postage of all materials
Other printing options are also available – contact Eden PA for more information.

Bundle & Save

  • If paddock boundaries, fencelines and other infrastructure have been digitised, your data can be presented on a more detailed and useful map. Receive a discount on Digital Property & Infrastructure Maps if ordered at the same time as this service.
  • Want some insight into the reasons some parts of your paddock aren’t doing so well? Receive a discount on Yield Influence Analysis if ordered at the same time as this service.



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