Yield Influence Analysis

Yield Influence Analysis


Statistical comparison of cleaned and processed yield data against other dataset(s) to evaluate correlation between yield and potential influencing factors.

Having a wealth of data about your yields and soils is great, but to use it properly you need to be able to identify relationships between different variables and their effects on your yields. This will allow you to better understand variability across paddocks and crops, and in turn improve yields and productivity.

Eden PA can undertake statistical comparison of cleaned and processed yield data against one or more other variables, for example soil moisture or nitrogen content, in order to find correlations and identify key influences on crop yield.



    Full-colour A4 printed report
    Full-colour A3 glossy maps
    Digital report and maps provided by email and/or via Eden PA’s cloud service
    Digital copies of report and maps also provided on complimentary USB stick
    Free postage of all materials
Other printing options are also available – contact Eden PA for more information.


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