Satellite Analysis & Monitoring for Grounds Maintenance

Using data captured by the world's highest resolution commercial satellites, Eden PA can provide the most detailed satellite turfgrass analysis services on the market.

Acquisition, processing and analysis of the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite data to evaluate turfgrass surfaces on sports grounds, golf courses and race courses.

Managing turfgrass effectively requires continuous and precise monitoring of the health of each part of the surface, and careful application of water, fertiliser and other inputs to ensure that the vegetation is healthy and uniform across the whole area. Scouting a sports field or golf course on foot takes a lot of time, and isn’t guaranteed to provide an objective and complete analysis. In many cases, problems can be lurking in the soil or root zone long before symptoms become visible to the naked eye at the surface.

Spectral index maps created using multispectral satellite data can provide very accurate indications of various aspects of turf growth, nutrition and stress, and can indicate problems which are not detectable from the ground. When combined with occasional ground truth data (e.g. soil or plant tissue tests), these maps can be used to identify factors limiting growth across a field or green, allowing for the creation of management zones for precise application of fertilisers and other inputs.

Using data captured by the world’s highest resolution commercial satellites, Eden PA can provide the most detailed satellite turfgrass analysis services on the market, with ground resolutions as sharp as 31cm per pixel. This means you can divide your surface into a 31cm x 31cm grid, and manage each ‘cell’ in the grid independently. If you notice a nitrogen deficiency in three or four cells in the grid, you can go out with a GPS and apply nitrogen to just those cells, rather than blanketing a wider area and spending a lot more than necessary on fertiliser. You may even achieve additional benefits by regulating your irrigation more precisely in order to deliver the exact amount of water required in each area.

While drones can capture imagery at higher resolutions than 31cm, imagery acquired using drones is typically much more expensive and much less accurate compared to Eden PA’s satellite analysis services. Another benefit of using satellite imagery over drones is that satellite archives are available dating back several years, allowing analysis of longterm trends.

Eden PA’s satellite analysis services are more than just imagery – the process involves radiometrically correcting the imagery to compensate for atmospheric effects and other interference, processing to create colour-coded analysis maps using a range of spectral indices commonly used in environmental monitoring and change detection, fine-tuning of colour coding in order to display the full extent of variability across the target area, and production of high quality digital maps. Eden PA’s satellite data processing workflow ensures you receive high quality, accurate and reliable analysis which you can put to use immediately. Raw imagery suitable for third-party processing using appropriate software can also be supplied.

Eden PA can provide satellite analysis and monitoring services to assist with the following grounds maintenance applications:

  • Detailed and up-to-date visible spectrum (i.e. RGB) mapping of property and infrastructure;
  • Analysis of biomass, plant vigour and plant stress;
  • Estimation of chlorophyll concentrations and photosynthetic rates;
  • Estimation of foliage cover (i.e. Leaf Area Index);
  • Estimation of soil moisture and detection of waterlogged areas;
  • Detection and assessment of damage due to pests or diseases, e.g. phytophthora.

Eden PA’s satellite analysis services are currently available in six different resolutions – 30m, 10m, 1.84m, 1.24m, 46cm and 31cm. The resolution refers to the size of each pixel in metres on the ground. In a 30m resolution image, each pixel covers a ground surface area of 30m x 30m = 900m2 in total, while each pixel in a 10m resolution image covers an area of 10m x 10m = 100m2, and in turn each pixel in a 31cm resolution image covers an area of 31cm x 31cm = 961cm2. Therefore a 10m resolution image will contain nine times the amount of detail and precision as a 30m resolution image, and a 31cm resolution image will contain over 1,000 times the level of detail as a 10m resolution image.

Delivery Options

These satellite analysis services are available in three delivery modes:

  • Once-off analysis: This is a good option if you just want a quick analysis of a specific area at a specific point in time, or if you’ve had imagery captured previously and want an updated analysis to check against your existing/historical imagery;
  • Longterm analysis: This comprises a separate analysis of 3 images (normally captured at the same time of year over a 3-year period), plus a combined analysis showing the average of the specified reading/measurement across all three images;
  • Ongoing monitoring program: Updates provided either at a predetermined frequency or on an ad-hoc basis, according to customer requirements. Each update comprises two images – one up-to-date analysis of the target area, plus a second image which shows areas in which the specified reading/measurement has increased (shown in green) or decreased (shown in red) within the target area.



    Full-colour A3 glossy map(s)
    Digital map(s) provided by email and/or via Eden PA’s cloud service
    Digital copies of map(s) also provided on complimentary USB stick
    Free postage of all materials


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