Spatial Analysis & Modelling

Using sophisticated GIS techniques, Eden PA can model surface water flow across your property, identify areas of high and low productivity, and more.

Drainage & Surface Flow Modelling

Effective management of surface water resources relies on an accurate understanding of the way in which water moves across the landscape during rainfall. Using digital elevation maps and sophisticated GIS analysis techniques, Eden PA can model surface water flow patterns across your paddock or your entire property. The locations of natural creek lines and their predicted flow rates in typical rainfall events are calculated. Ponding, waterlogging and flooding risk areas are identified, allowing for action to be taken before these risks become bigger problems.

GIS Spatial Analysis & Modelling

Eden PA can carry out miscellaneous spatial analysis and modelling work using Geographical Information System (GIS) software remotely, if a site visit is not required. On-site consulting is currently not available.
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