Crop Loss Assessment

Crop Loss Assessment


Measurement and valuation of crop losses resulting from fire, spray drift, flooding or other incidents.

Losing part or all of a crop to bushfire, flood, or spray drift from neighbouring properties can be a devastating financial blow. But having a clear picture of the value of the loss – knowing how much the lost crop would likely have been worth in financial terms – can make it much easier to recoup your losses from insurers or through legal processes.

Using recent and archived satellite imagery, combined with your own yield data from previous years, Eden PA can predict what the value of your lost crop would have been at maturity. The process involves three key steps:

  1. Measurement of the physical extent of the damage – i.e., the number of hectares lost to fire;
  2. Prediction of the final yield in the areas lost, by comparing satellite imagery captured just before the damage occurred with imagery from previous years, combined with your yield records for previous harvests;
  3. Valuation of the loss in financial terms.

The only information required is your yield data from previous harvests within the paddocks to be assessed, along with your yield data from the partially lost harvest, if you managed to save any of the crop. Eden PA can obtain all of the necessary satellite imagery, conduct the analysis, and produce a full-colour report including maps. You can then present this report to your insurer or legal representative as the basis of your claim for compensation.


    Full-colour A4 printed report with maps
    Digital report and maps provided by email and/or via Eden PA’s cloud service
    Digital copies of report and maps also provided on complimentary USB stick
    Free postage of all materials
Other printing options are also available – contact Eden PA for more information.


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