Drainage & Surface Flow Modelling

Drainage & Surface Flow Modelling


Calculation and mapping of surface water movement, including modelling of natural creek lines and flow rates, and modelling of ponding and waterlogging risk areas.

Effective management of surface water resources relies on an accurate understanding of the way in which water moves across the landscape during rainfall. If your dams are incorrectly located, you may be missing out on some of the runoff you could otherwise be capturing during rain events.

Using digital elevation maps and sophisticated GIS analysis techniques, Eden PA can model surface water flow patterns across your paddock or your entire property. The locations of natural creek lines and their predicted flow rates in typical rainfall events are calculated. Ponding, waterlogging and flooding risk areas are identified. The accuracy of this modelling is dependent on the accuracy and resolution of the elevation data provided.

Eden PA’s georeferenced surface flow maps can be used in GIS software for further analysis, potentially in planning earthworks aimed at regulating or redirecting surface water, and modelling the effects of these changes.


    Full-colour A4 printed report
    Full-colour glossy A3 printed map
    Surface flow map provided by email and/or via Eden PA’s cloud service
    Surface flow map also provided on complimentary USB stick
    Free postage of all materials
Other printing options are also available – contact Eden PA for more information.

Bundle & Save

  • If paddock boundaries, fencelines and other infrastructure have been digitised, your data can be presented on a more detailed and useful map. Receive a discount on Digital Property & Infrastructure Maps if ordered at the same time as this service.
  • Following modelling of surface flows, Eden PA can design proposed earthworks to redirect runoff in order to reduce potential waterlogging and/or increase dam catchment areas. Receive a discount on GIS processing work if ordered at the same time as this service. Quotes are essential.



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