GIS Spatial Analysis & Modelling

GIS Spatial Analysis & Modelling


Spatial analysis & modelling using Geographical Information Systems.

Eden PA can carry out miscellaneous spatial analysis and modelling work using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) remotely, if a site visit is not required. On-site consulting is currently not available.
Eden PA’s GIS expertise can be drawn upon for a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • managing field data such as soil moisture or pH, or the status of specially cultivated crops or trials
  • selection of prospective planting sites for specific crops, or selection of ideal crops or uses for specific paddocks
  • determining irrigation requirements using soil and crop growth information
  • analysis and diagnosis of poor crop yields
  • remote measurement and monitoring of crop and soil diseases
  • modelling the effects of planned earthworks before work takes place
  • optimising dam placement and design
  • designing more efficient CTF tramlines
  • planning for new farm roads and trails
  • remote sensing and image analysis
  • determining optimum locations for solar infrastructure
  • modelling potential water levels during flood events



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