PA for Collaborative Farming

PA for Collaborative Farming

Collaborative farming is a great way for two or more farms to pool their resources in order to get the most out of data services, machinery, labour and infrastructure. By sharing the costs of products and services equitably among all parties, and taking advantage of discounts available for large areas and/or bulk orders, farmers can get the same result for a fraction of the price.

This approach also makes it possible to make use of much more advanced technologies and techniques than might be affordable if you were doing it all on your own. For example, you might find that while you previously couldn’t justify the cost of high resolution satellite crop monitoring for your own small property alone, by joining forces with a couple of your neighbours, the cost per property is less than half of what you were originally quoted.

Whether you’re working with broadacre crops, livestock and pastures, or orchards or vineyards, Eden PA is dedicated to helping collaborative farmers and regional growers’ groups use precision agriculture techniques and technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of their operations.

Avoid minimum order requirements

While Eden PA’s small minimum area requirements are designed to make precision agriculture possible for smaller farms, minimum areas and/or orders do still apply. But group buying may make it possible for you to get around these minimum requirements. For example, if you’re working with a 100ha property, and considering a high resolution satellite crop monitoring program, you would ordinarily still need to pay the 250ha minimum charge for the service. However if you were able to partner with just two nearby farms of roughly the same size, you could reduce the minimum charges per property to as little as 36% of the cost you would have had to pay if you’d gone ahead on your own.

Reduce per-hectare costs for large properties

At the other end of the scale, Eden PA’s pricing policies are also designed to ensure great deals for large properties as well as smaller ones. By collaborating with nearby farmers it’s possible to reduce these rates even further, taking advantage of lower per-hectare rates for a larger percentage of the overall group order. For example, if you’ve just finished a harvest on 2,500ha, and you want to get your yield data cleaned and mapped, you could reduce your per-hectare data processing costs by 30% by bringing in just three other farms of about the same size – and get your mates a great deal in the process.

Great discounts for bulk orders

Eden PA also offers bulk discounts for large orders of services which aren’t charged based on physical area. For example, if you lost a large amount of your crop to spray drift, you may want to have Eden PA assess and value your losses for insurance purposes. If you needed 15 of your paddocks assessed, but your neighbour also needed the same service on his own 15 paddocks, you could join together and both reduce your per-paddock costs by about 20%.
If you’re thinking about joining with one or more of your neighbours and want to know how much you could save by collaborating or group buying, contact Eden PA today.

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