PA for Farmers & Producers

PA for Farmers & Producers

Precision agriculture is all about getting more accurate information about crops, pastures or livestock, so that better management decisions can be made, not only improving yields and productivity but reducing inputs and expenses at the same time.

Whether you’re working with broadacre crops, livestock and pastures, or orchards or vineyards, Eden PA is dedicated to helping all farmers and producers use precision agriculture techniques and technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of their operations.

Combine your own knowledge and experience with Eden PA’s expertise

If you know your yields are poor in one part of a paddock, but you’ve never been able to work out the cause or how to fix it, Eden PA can help. Using research-based techniques and a scientific approach to diagnosing problems and finding solutions, Eden PA can build on your own knowledge and experience to help you boost your profits and cut your costs at the same time.

Small minimum areas and orders

While many precision agriculture service providers exclude smaller customers by setting high minimum prices and/or large minimum order areas, Eden PA’s pricing policies are geared towards making precision agriculture possible for smaller properties. Eden PA’s mapping services, for example, are all offered with a minimum order of just 50 hectares, and most high-resolution satellite analysis services are priced based on a minimum area of 250ha.

Progressive discounts as property sizes increase

Eden PA is also able to stay competitive with other precision agriculture consultants by offering significant discounts for larger properties. Every additional hectare you add to your order will reduce your total per-hectare cost, with further per-hectare rate reductions at 500ha and 2,500ha for all mapping and high-resolution satellite analysis services. Some services, such as medium-resolution satellite imagery and analysis, are offered at a low flat rate regardless of the property size – whether you’re managing 25ha or 25,000ha.
If you’re a farmer or producer and want to make your operation more efficient, productive and sustainable, contact Eden PA today.

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