PA for Horticulture & Viticulture

In horticulture and viticulture, precision agriculture systems allow individual trees or vines to be monitored and analysed to allow harvesting at exactly the right time for optimum fruit or berry quality. The areas ready for harvest can be picked early, while leaving other areas for harvesting at a later date.

In horticulture and viticulture, precision agriculture systems allow individual trees or vines to be monitored and managed independently, based on their own condition and stage of growth. This approach can be used to more efficiently apply fertilisers and other inputs, to manage disease and other problems on a plant-specific level, or simply to allow harvesting from each tree at exactly the right time for optimum fruit or berry quality.

Precision irrigation systems allow water to be precisely managed and controlled in different areas of a vineyard or orchard, delivering exactly the right amount of water to each tree or vine at exactly the right time. Soil moisture and temperature sensors can provide precise and up-to-the-minute information on the status of soil in different areas, further improving irrigation management. High-resolution aerial photography or satellite analysis can be used to detect plant health and water stress, providing valuable information to plan for better long-term management decisions. These technologies can make it easier to produce the best quality wine and fruit possible.

When it comes to harvest time, robotics and automation technologies can boost productivity in the face of increasing pressures on horticultural labour availability. From robotic platforms for fruit picking to mechanical orchard hedgers and pruners, and even automated tractors, the time is ripe for growers to investigate their options.

If you want to reduce your inputs, improve your yields and bring your horticulture or viticulture enterprise into the digital age of precision agriculture, Eden PA can help. Understanding and measuring variability within a crop is the key to any precision agriculture program, and to this end, Eden PA offers the world’s highest resolution satellite orchard and vineyard analysis and monitoring service. With resolutions as fine as 31cm, this analysis can be applied to any plant with a foliage diameter of 45cm or more.

Alternatively, for some farms the preparation of digitised maps of farm assets and infrastructure will be the most logical first step. Eden PA can produce accurate and comprehensive maps for farms of any size, with competitive rates available. From there you can start planning for more efficient management of your orchard or vineyard through the introduction of cost-effective PA technologies.

Using research-based techniques and a scientific approach to diagnosing problems and finding solutions, Eden PA can build on your own knowledge and experience as a farmer or producer to find new ways to boost your profits and cut your input costs at the same time. Eden PA is also the perfect partner to agronomists and other agricultural advisors, who can complement Eden PA’s analytical and technological expertise with their own knowledge and experience in areas like plant physiology, animal husbandry, or agribusiness.

Eden PA’s customers enjoy smaller minimum area requirements and lower minimum prices, making precision agriculture possible for even small properties. Larger properties don’t miss out on the savings, with Eden PA’s tiered pricing structure which is designed to remain competitive and economical as farm sizes increase. Regardless of your property size, it may also be worth considering partnering with neighbouring or nearby properties and taking advantage of the savings that can be gained through collaboration or group buying, which can potentially cut costs for each participating farmer by more than 50%.

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